About things

Drupal 6 migration

Using the “FG Drupal to WordPress” Wordpress plugin FG Drupal to WordPress, it is easy to migrate your Drupal site to WordPress in one click.


Improve development

Having fun throwing Foundation for Sites and BrowserSync in the mix for this website development.


Good (part of the day)

Jekyll, the static website generator that I choose to use, is –as the name indicates– a static website generator. After choosing Jekyll, I wanted to add a dynamic welcome message to the homepage. As the page is generated and static, I used Javascript to make it dynamic. When the homepage is loaded, the default welcome message is replaced by another one. Depending on the time of day it will say Good evening, Good night, Good afternoon or Good morning in a few different languages. Every time the page is loaded a random message is choosen to be displayed.


First set up

On the beach, enjoying the sand, sea and sun two weeks ago, I read a few books that I didn’t get to before. One of these books was “On Web Typograpy” by Jason Santa Maria. After reading this book I decided to take typography as a starting point when building my next website. Et voila, this is my next website. There are still many rough edges to iron out, but I feel the basis is here.


A new website

In 1997 I build my first website. I took the HTML source from the homepage of XS4ALL, my internet provider at the time. The Internet Archive still has a copy of that site.